Practice Purchase, Goodwill Lending & Equity Re-Draw

Practice Purchase, Goodwill Lending & Equity Re-Draw

Whether you arePractice_Purchase web size _430x275_shutterstock_286916831 (002) purchasing an existing practice or wishing to draw funds via Equity Re-Draw from your own practice, we can help.

We offer flexible funding solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Most loans use the new purchase as security. IE. We don’t take direct security over your family home. Often your Bank has your home secured in the background and the mortgage contract can allow them to repossess your home at any stage.

We will work with you and your accountant to ensure that the corporate entities and financial structuring are congruent with your immediate and long term plans. All facilities are tailored to your personal requirements and goals as well as cash-flow and Tax Planning preferences.

It is vitally important to have a trusted team of advisors around you so that each stage in the process can be seamlessly completed and handed on to the next expert.

A Healthcare Specialist accountant will be able to assist you in setting the foundations no matter what type of practice you dream of establishing.

We will project manage your purchase using our network of experts to ensure satisfactory sale and purchase within agreed timelines and budgets.

If you are thinking about your next career step, it could be a ¬†good time to start a conversation. We are here to help and…

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