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Does your Bank have the best Interest Rates? AND should you really care?

There are several considerations when refinancing your home loan…

Why rate shouldn’t top the list!

Your current home loan might have been a great deal when you first took it, but banks are competitive, rates change and lending products evolve. Your home loan simply might not be working as hard for you as it could be.

Even worse, your home loan could be costing you money.

Perhaps it’s time to consider a mortgage check-up to see if yours is the best home loan to suit your situation.

Home Loan Interest RatesWhy Refinance Your Home Loan?

We encourage clients to resist the temptation to focus solely on Interest Rate. Most people refinance to access more flexible mortgage options to accommodate their lifestyle, buy the next investment, support children or to switch to a lender with less fees as well as lower rates.

However, many Healthcare clients are also motivated by innovative structures that offer advantages when it comes to Tax planning, Wealth planning and Asset protection. We work with their accountants and Financial Planners to achieve the optimum tailored outcome.

What ever the reason, it pays dividends to obtain an expert opinion.

When refinancing, you might choose to consolidate some of your other outstanding, high-interest debts into one mortgage with a lower overall interest rate. This means you’re paying lower interest and in many cases you can even reduce your monthly repayments, which releases valuable cash-flow.

It’s also possible to refinance your home loan to unlock equity in your home to use for renovations, to purchase an investment property or other purposes.

Is a Home Loan Refinance Right For You?

A home loan refinance can provide great benefits – and we’ll consult with your accountant and financial planner to ensure the structure of the loan is specifically tailored to your circumstances.

We work really hard to fully understand what you’re hoping to achieve by refinancing. AND we will offer you low rates as well.

Who Has the Best Home Loan?

This is the question we hear most often. The best home loan is the one that suits your individual needs and circumstances the best.

Your financial situation will never be the same as that of your friends or family, so trying to copy the home loan solutions they’ve chosen might not be the best option for you.

We’ll need to consider what aspects of a home loan will fit to your personal budget, your own goals and your own needs. We have over 40 banks and Lenders to choose from.

Which is Better? Fixed or Variable Rates?

As with the question above, the answer depends entirely on your specific circumstances. We will package a home loan around your individual needs. We know which loan structures would best suit your personal budget and circumstances.

How Do You Refinance Your Home Loan?

Speak with us about your goals and needs and discuss what options are available to you. We will happily explain what options are available to you.

RELAX and leave it with us.

In many cases refinancing can give you and your family the freedom to enjoy life more. You could consolidate other debts or perhaps even free up some extra cash. You might find that refinancing could save you thousands of dollars in fees and interest charges.

Key to all this is our commitment to a long term relationship with each and every client. We strive to cultivate repeat clients who refer colleagues, family and friends. In fact referrals are a key source of business and the best compliment we can receive.

So don’t stay in the dark, make contact today and let us illuminate your pathway of possibilities.

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