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Why should I use a broker?

Healthcare Finance Specialist Steve Daley

A fresh approach to Finance for Healthcare Professionals

A wise man once said, “Time once spent can not be bought back!”

Steve Daley, managing director of Healthcare Financial Strategies, demonstrates how an innovative approach is proving popular with busy Doctors.

Independent research has shown that customer satisfaction with the major Banks has plummeted; especially since banking Relationship Managers (RM’s) have replaced the old style Bank Manager. Unfortunately RM’s spend the majority of their time on paperwork, and often see their RM role as a mere stepping stone to other roles within the Bank. RM “churn” remains at high levels.

Time poor Medico’s are tired of having to re-educate their new RM’s and are moving to Specialist Independent Finance Brokers.

A cornerstone of Healthcare Financial Strategies’ success is the commitment to meaningful, long term relationships with clients. It is vital that these relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. At the same time being knowledgeable and experienced in providing tailored financial structures from a number of financiers.

Information is gathered from each client ONCE and the ongoing process is managed holistically. Healthcare Finance acts for clients to source the optimal funding structures in the market. These are then specifically tailored to each client’s specific circumstances.

Finance documents are signed in person at a time and place that is suitable to the client, often after hours or on weekends.

The best thing about money is that, (once you’ve got it), Westpac’s money, Bank of Queensland’s money or CBA’s money is just as good as NAB’s or ANZ’s.

So why don’t I just call all of the Banks myself?  Four reasons.

  1. Recorded messages and wearing out your fingernails pressing “ONE” either costs Practice time or Family time.
  2. Credit departments within Banks require detailed and compelling business cases.
  3. At nearly $1 Billion of introduced business Healthcare Financial Strategies and dealer group Origin Finance has the bulk and scale to source the best solutions in the market.
  4. There is true wisdom in spreading your debt across a range of Banks, and their rates and conditions change weekly.

Healthcare Financial Strategies offers a single point of contact so that clients never have to talk to the Bank. HCFS visits each client to gain a full understanding of their practice and aspirations and then reverts with a proposal. If it’s acceptable the client may proceed. If not, the client may decline with no obligation, sure in the knowledge that all details are archived for the next inquiry or purchase.

After all long term relationships don’t happen over night, but they do have to start somewhere.

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