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3 Key considerations with 100% Practice Property loans*

OWNING your Practice Premises is a cornerstone of your professional and financial future. Not only is it a familiar place that all of your patients know, it also gives a certainty of tenure to you as well as an anchor to the community. Here are 3 insights you’ll find useful.


1. Setting the right Foundations

OWNING the Premises is a key component in many Medico’s Practice Success, financial success, retirement strategy and tax planning. It is vital to ensure the purchasing entities and finance structures are correct from day one.

We work with you and your accountant to ensure that the corporate and financial structures will suit your particular circumstances now and into the future.


2. Committing Reserves Wisely

PRESERVING your cash reserves and equity reserves is an important strategy. You should commit these reserves carefully so you are able to take advantage of other investments and opportunities that arise.  100% Practice Property loans typically have the following special features:

  • Finance up to 100% of the property purchase price
  • Interest Only or Principle and Interest options
  • Fixed and variable interest rate options
  • Lines of credit available
  • Tailored repayment options
  • Annual interest in advance option available


3. Take Expert Advice

Your Accountant / Financial Planner will advise you of the appropriate entities to purchase and borrow in. They will also advise you which finance structures will suit you best.  There are many forms the ultimate structure can take but there’s only ONE that will best be tailored for your individual circumstances and aspirations.

Whether 100% funding best suits you, Interest Only or Principle and Interest, Fixed or Variable Rates or any Blend of the above, you will need the advice to get it right and be able to sleep at night.

We work closely with you and your advisors and use our wide panel of Banks to source the most appropriate financial structures, loan to value ratios and interest rates. These are specifically “tailored” for the needs of our busy Healthcare clients.

Make contact today, we would love to understand how we can help you best.


*All loans subject to credit assessment.

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