Our Partners in Practice

Our Partners in Practice

????????????????????????????????Establishing a new practice or re-invigorating and existing one can be a daunting task. There are so many choices to make, regulatory conditions to meet, timescales to plan as well as all of the professionals, supplier sales people and contractors to instruct, coordinate and deal with. Let alone the logistics of paying everyone.

In the past this Herculean task has been left to the practice owner or busy practice manager to project manage. Many Medico’s, whose skills are in their chosen field, under-estimate the amount of TIME this can take and are often surprised when opening deadlines are missed and costs blow out.

As part of my expertise and networks, I can refer clients to trusted specialists covering just about every profession they will require.

We are all part of one inter-connected network, where we work with each other to ensure the practice is up and running on time and on budget. We are all motivated by the client’s future prosperity and success and we actively cross refer clients.

And, assuming I am organising the finance, the client and I control who is paid and when.

Sydney Boutique Dentistry, Jan 2016

Specifically in the following professions:

  • Healthcare Specialist Accounting
  • Healthcare Specialist Business Structuring
  • Financial Planning & SMSF Advice
  • Life & Personal Insurance
  • Asset Insurance
  • Practice & Business Mentor-ship
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • New Car Buying Service
  • Fit-out & Design Services
  • Legal SpecialistsSmiling surgeon crossing his arms while standing in a surgical room
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Practice Management
  • Website Design
  • SEO Maximisation
  • Stock Control Management

Clients may choose to instruct their own existing people. Clients may use none of our network, selected parts or all of it. Remembering things work best when a team works cohesively towards a common goal and specified outcomes.

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