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First home buyers could gain over $70K in Government assistance.

All levels of Government are pulling out the stops to boost the housing market and particularly lend a hand to first home buyers.

There’s now a wide range of Government grants and stamp duty concessions that are available to first home buyers – potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

The table below summarises the grants and concessions for which you may qualify.

State New Home
Builder Grant
Buyers Grant
Regional new
home build
Bonus Max Stamp Duty
NSW $25,000 $10,000     $24, 740 <$59, 740
VIC $25,000 $10,000 $20,000   $31, 070  <$86, 070
QLD $25,000 $15,000     $7,175 <$47, 175
WA $25,000 $10,000   $20,000  $13, 015 <$68, 015
ACT $25,000         <$25, 000
TAS $25,000 $20,000     $6, 999 <$51, 999
SA $25,000 $15,000      $15, 500 <$55, 500
NT $25,000 $10,000   $20,000  $18, 601 < $73, 601

On top of Government assistance, banks are offering some sharp deals to first home buyers. One Bank is effectively waiving up to $10K in mortgage insurance, and many are offering interest rates as low as 2.19%.

Recent research shows 51% of potential first home buyers intend to buy within the year – little wonder with such compelling offers on the table.

Obviously every client is different and so it is Vital to gain a full understanding of your unique situation as well as your goals, hopes and dreams. 

For more information on how you can get on to the property ladder with a Home Loan specifically Tailored to you, please contact me on 0413 619 824, or via email.

Steve Daley – CEO, Healthcare Finance Pty Ltd ​

*General information only. We encourage each client to seek their own advice before committing to any scenario. All information is correct at time of collection. 

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